Griggs Online-High School

Griggs International Academy offers every class in its high school curriculum as an online course. Taking online courses makes learning faster and more convenient, with most administrative portions of the course available anytime, anywhere, online.

At GIA we believe that online learning helps students embrace their independence, turning them into confident, reliant self-starters. But no one expects you to go it alone. One of your parents/guardians should oversee your daily education. For each class, you will also have the support of your teacher, who is just a click away via email or instant message, as well as GIA support staff, whom you can also contact via phone or email.

Here's How It Works:
  • Enroll in online courses and receive receive textbooks via our online bookstore 
  • Login to Griggs Online using the username and password sent to you after enrollment. You may elect to change your password
  • View your courses
  • Each course has online instructions that explain your daily objectives
  • Complete and submit your assignments online
  • Request, complete and submit your exams online under the supervision of a proctor
  • Communicate with your teacher using your GIA email address or the GIA instant-messaging system
  • Receive GIA and class announcements and interact with classmates
  • Monitor your progress - stay on track to graduate
You and your parents sign an Online Services Agreement prior to each course. This helps establish a safe and supportive online working environment for all students.
 Note: Minimum Computer Requirements - 512 MB RAM required, 1 GB+ recommended; 1 Ghz+ processor; Mac OSX or Windows XP 

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