Diploma Requirements

Earn A High School Diploma

Your education at Griggs International Academy offers everything you'd expect from high school: top-quality textbooks, instructional guides, lessons and exams to help ensure you're learning everything you need to know. Our lessons, teaching traditional subjects built on Christian principles, prepare you for life and independent study prepares you for college.

GIA offers two tracks for students earning a high school diploma:
  • Standard Diploma: 21 units (each two-semester class = 1 unit)
  • College Preparatory Diploma: 25 units (each two-semester class = 1 unit)

The coursework is based on a traditional school year of 180 teaching days, but you will have six months to complete an academic semester. This gives you the flexibility you need to build a schedule that works best for your learning style. Qualified students can even take college courses through the School of Distance Education. Check out our "Online College Credit" program for juniors and seniors!

What to Expect

Course Materials: Materials will vary depending on the course and whether it is an online or paper course. Regardless, students will need textbooks.

Lessons: Lessons might include a reading assignment from the textbook, a related activity and a written assignment. Most assignments are submitted online or via mail to GIA teachers, who evaluate your work and assign you a grade.

Tests: For most classes, you can expect two tests each semester - a midterm and a semester exam. The instructional guides for each course have information about the exams and what they will cover. When you have completed all lessons and assignments, request the test. If you are taking an online course, the exam will be made accessible to your proctor and you can submit it as soon as it's completed. If you are taking a paper and pencil exam, the exam will be mailed to your proctor and will need to be mailed back for grading.

Grades: Your final course grades are determined from your scores on assignments and exams, with a traditional grade scale of A through F.

Tips for Success

  • Stay organized. Once you register for a course, you have six months to complete the semester. Set a completion date and stick to it. 
  • Ask questions. You may be taking distance courses, but staff and teachers are available to guide you and answer your questions.
  • Check for updates. Always read announcements and stay current with GIA news. You don't want to miss opportunities or reminders.
  • Get involved! Join our communities on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram. Show school spirit and contribute to conversations. Your feedback helps us serve you better.
  • Download the Griggs App (available for iOS and Droid) for easy access to updates, news, and resources.

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