Accredited Plan vs. Alternative Plan

Educating Your Children the Way You Want

At Griggs International Academy, parents have the option of enrolling their children into our regionally accredited K-8 homeschooling program or of purchasing our high-quality curriculum materials to educate their children without active assistance from Griggs. The accredited plan and curriculum-only plan (non-accredited) are described in detail below. If you want to review the Kindergarten to Grade 8 programs in detail, including the courses and curricula offered, click here.


Accredited Plan

Homeschooling parents who choose this plan enlist the qualified teachers of Griggs to serve as partners in the education of their children. This plan offers several benefits and services:
  • Regionally accredited curriculum
  • Teaching and grading services by qualified teachers
  • Advising, grading, and record-keeping
  • Report cards available
  • Verification of enrollment upon request
  • Access to tutoring
  • Easy access to different media to support instruction
  • Placement testing and end-of-the-year achievement tests (additional fee)
  • Students may be enrolled for an entire grade or for individual subjects

Alternate Plan

Some parents prefer to have maximum freedom in homeschooling their children, but still like to use Griggs's top-notch curriculum. This non-accredited plan doesn't include Griggs's teaching, grading, or record-keeping services, but offers the following:
  • Carefully developed curriculum-the same as that developed for the regionally accredited plan
  • Parent's guides, activity sheets, and tests (but no answer keys for tests)
  • Advice on placement of child in the proper grade level (if needed)
  • Placement testing and end-of-year achievement tests, for an added fee

Please note that this plan is neither state-approved or accredited. No report card or verification of enrollment is given. Parents may order an entire grade or individual subjects.


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