What grade levels does GIA offer?

Griggs provides a full curriculum for Kindergarten through Grade 12.

Is GIA accredited?

Griggs International Academy is regionally accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) Commissions on Elementary, Middle, and Secondary Schools, and Middle States Association (MSA) Commission on Elementary Schools. GIA is also accredited by Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools Commissions on Elementary and Secondary Schools, Colleges, and Universities. GIA is approved as a non-public school by the Maryland State Board of Education for Kindergarten, Elementary, and High School.

How can I tell which courses are online and which ones are paper courses?

Gr K - 5 courses are all paper-based.
Gr 6 - 12 are online or paper-based. Our credit-recovery courses and a few of our high school elective courses are only available online. The enrollment packet has detailed information on which courses are available in which format.

Should I choose online or paper courses?

Take into consideration the resources available. If there is reliable Internet and working technology, online courses are convenient and efficient. If technology is intermittent, or there is a learning preference, GIA offers paper courses that may sometimes take longer to process. The courses are identical. Just the delivery method is different.

How many credits do I have to take directly from GIA to get a diploma?

To be eligible for a high school diploma through Griggs International Academy, a student must have successfully completed a minimum of 6.0 units for the College Preparatory (College Prep) diploma and 5.0 units for the Standard diploma in alignment with AdvancEd and Middle States Accreditation standards. The last three units must be completed with GIA during the student's senior year.

What is the difference between a Standard and College Prep High School diploma?

College Preparatory Diploma
  • Requirements: 25 units
  • 4 units of English (must include one unit of American Literature)
  • 4 units of math (must include Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2 or higher level math course). GIA recommends 4 units of math for College Preparatory Diploma 
  • 3 units of science (must include one life science and one higher level science)
  • ½ unit of Health
  • ½ unit of Physical Education
  • 3 units of social studies (must include U.S. History and American Government)
  • 1 unit of applied arts
  • 1 unit of fine arts
  • 2 units of modern languages (2 units of the same language)
  • 4 units of religion (1 unit of religion required for each 5 units taken with GIA, or may be petitioned)
  • 2 units of electives
  • Minimum 20 hours per year of community service
  • ACT/SAT test scores (required)
  Standard High School Diploma
  • Requirements: 21 units
  • 4 units of English (must include one unit of American Literature)
  • 3 units of math (must include Algebra 1; if Pre-Algebra is completed an additional math credit is required)
  • 2 units of science (must include one life science)
  • ½ unit of Health,
  • ½ unit of Physical Education
  • 3 units of social studies (must include U.S. History and American Government)
  • 1 unit of applied arts
  • 1 unit of fine arts
  • 4 units of religion (1 unit of religion required for each 5 units taken with GIA, may be petitioned)
  • 2 units of electives
  • Minimum 20 hours per year of community service

How much time do I have to finish a course?

Students in the U.S. have a year from date of enrollment to complete their coursework. International students have 18 months to allow for delays in textbook shipments and other unforeseen circumstances.

How can I get an extension for doing my course work?

Students who require extra time for their coursework are granted a 6-week extension. At the time of a course deadline, an email will be sent notifying students of this extension. After the 6-week grace period, the student will lose access to the course, and will need to contact the GIA registrar for an extension. There is a $50 per course, per semester fee for extensions. At least 50% of the course must be completed prior to requesting an extension. Extenuating circumstances will be entertained on an individual basis.

Does GIA offer College Credit courses for High School students?

Yes. Qualifying Juniors and Seniors have the opportunity to earn Andrews University credit for $100 per credit hour. More information is available here (http://www.andrews.edu/services/precollege/courses/online.html)

Will I be able to get acceptance into a University with a GIA diploma?

Because GIA is an accredited program, most Universities will accept students with a college-prep GIA diploma.

Can international students take GIA courses?

We are proud of our international status. We welcome students from around the globe.

Who grades the assignments and exams?

There are over 30 certified teachers who grade and evaluate student assignments and exams for GIA.

How can I become a GIA student if I have been taking unaccredited classes in the past?

GIA is happy to work with students by administering a placement exam. Depending on the results of that test, an education plan can be implemented. No matter what placement is recommended, there are minimum requirements for diploma-seeking students.

Where do I buy textbooks?

All textbooks can be purchased through our online bookstore MBS (http://bookstore.mbsdirect.net/griggs.htm). There is a link to the store on the GIA webpage (http://www.griggs.edu/).

Do all classes require a textbook?

Most GIA courses require textbooks. There are a few elective courses that do not. Please consult the MBS bookstore for course supply requirements.

What are the start dates for GIA classes?

GIA offers open enrollment. Your start date is the day of registration/enrollment.

Is it possible to take a class during the summer?

Yes. GIA offers open enrollment, so courses are available at any time of year.

Can I take just one class while I am attending another school?

Yes. We have many students who take courses through GIA because of schedule conflicts, etc.

What is a recovery class?

Credit recovery courses are for students who have failed a course and need to get back on their educational track. Credit recovery allows students to keep their class schedule, and saves time because they don't have to wait till the next school year to retake a course.

Can I set up a payment plan for my tuition?

Parents/legal guardians with students enrolling for accredited services may pay tuition on a monthly plan. The person responsible for the student's finances must be 18 years of age or older. If coursework is completed prior to the terms of the financial agreement, the full balance must be paid off two weeks in advance of requesting the final exam and the account as a whole must be current. For more information, visit this link (http://www.griggs.edu/article/76/donate/financial-information/payment-options).

What happens if I finish my course earlier than expected?

GIA offers a self-paced curriculum. If a course is finished earlier than expected a final exam will be released 2 weeks after student receives financial clearance.

How do I get a report card or transcript?

Transcripts and grade reports are available by emailing registrargia@andrews.edu.

What is the GIA grading scale?

A = 93-100
A- = 90-92
B+ = 88-89
B = 83-87
B- = 80-82
C+ = 78-79
C = 73-77
C- = 70-72
D+ = 68-69
D = 63-67
D- = 60-62
F = 59 and below

Can I see my grades at any time?

Grades for current courses are available at any time on the GIA Desire2Learn platform using login information received at time of enrollment.

How do I use the dropbox to submit assignments?

There are instructions in the Tutorial (on the gray navigation bar in Desire2Learn) for submitting assignments to dropbox. When you have navigated to the dropbox within the course where an assignment is to be submitted, there is an "upload" link near the bottom of the screen. By clicking on this link, you will be asked to select a file you wish to upload. Choose the file that includes your assignment (the document you scanned). After selecting the file, click on "save" to upload the document.

Can I take a challenge exam for any courses?

Challenge exams are granted on a case-by-case basis. There is a $100 per semester fee for Gr 9-12 challenge exams.

How are my exams proctored or supervised?

Students must find a qualified proctor, and notify GIA of their selected supervisor at the time of enrollment. Qualified proctors include school faculty and administration, librarian, registrar, testing center staff, pastors, and guidance counselors. A proctor cannot be a member of student's household or family.

How much time do I have to take an online exam?

Each exam has a 3 hour time-limit.

Can I retake exams if I fail?

GIA offers alternate exams for midterms and finals. There is a $50 fee for alternate exams. Simply fill out an "alternate exam" request form, and the exam will be released.

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