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  • to promote teaching about other world regions, cultures, and languages in every school district in the United States for grades K-12
  • Character Counts nationwide nonprofit initiative to support nonpartisan, nonsectarian character education
  • Converge Magazine education, technology and distance learning
  • Department of Education teachers can use the U.S. Department of Education as a starting point when searching for federal programs, statistics, and initiatives. The site features press releases, notices from the department which appeared in the Federal Register, a searchable ERIC database 1991-1996, and a wide variety of publications about its research efforts and programs
  • Early Warning, Timely Response: A Guide to Safe Schools designed to help teachers, parents, and community members detect the warning signs of potentially dangerous student behavior and respond appropriately
  • thousands of lesson plans
  • Education World this site features original material, online forums, and an index of links on all aspects of education. It is oriented to the practicing teacher, K-12 and college-bound student, and parents
  • ERIC Database Search the ERIC bibliographic database of more than 1.1 million citations going back to 1966. Some published since 1993 are available full-text at no charge.
  • News &Information for Education Professionals
  • Federal Resources for Educational Excellence quick access to hundreds of teaching & learning resources across the federal government
  • GEM: The Gateway to Educational Materials expands educators' capability to access Internet-based lesson plans, curriculum units and other educational materials
  • General Education Online worldwide directory of college and community college web sites.
  • High School Journalism This site is for teen journalists, [and] their teachers and guidance counselors. ... Our goals are to encourage a diverse generation of young people to make newspaper journalism their career and impart a deeper appreciation of the First Amendment among all teens
  • Illuminations: Math Lessons a set of mathematical teaching and learning tools designed by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics
  • Irascible Professor Irreverent Commentary on the State of Education in America Today by Dr. Mark H. Shapiro
  • Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators
  • Library of Congress Webcasts Over the past six years, the Library of Congress has documented several hundred of the talks, discussions, and conferences that have taken place under its leadership. On this site, visitors have access to all of these talks in their entirety, along with webcasts from the National Book Festival
  • National Center for Education Statistics Statistical profiles searchable by city and state.
  • National Geographic Education Guide searchable collection of National Geographic sites with lesson plans, projects, photographs, printer-friendly maps, and a Teacher Community
  • ReadWriteThink provide educators and students with access to the highest quality practices and resources in reading and language arts instruction
  • ReadyWeb ReadyWeb is an electronic collection of resources on school readiness sponsored by the ERIC Clearinghouse on Elementary and Early Childhood Education
  • Smithsonian Education
  • State of the Schools Report Select a year, click on tabs for state, school district or school building and use the search box to find a wealth of information (including salaries).
  • Study Stack Table Memorization Tool
  • World Lecture Hall a classified list of links to examples of how the Internet can be used in instruction. Materials linked from the site include course syllabi, assignments, lecture notes, exams, class calendars and multimedia textbooks

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