Elementary Tuition & Fees

Enrollment in Griggs International Academy's regionally accredited programs for Kindergarten through Grade 8 includes tuition, textbooks and online study materials, daily lesson plans for lower grades, exams, teacher assistance, grading services, recordkeeping, report cards and transcript services. Textbooks and supplies are sold seperately through our online bookstore. Core classes taken by all students include Handwriting, Health and Science, Language Arts, Mathematics and Social Studies. Students are encouraged to enroll in the holistic curriculum, include the following enrichment courses: Bible, Art and Music, Keyboarding, Languages, Vocabulary Building and Technology options at various grade levels.

NOTE: Supplies include textbooks. Enrichment classes not included in tuition or supplies in this table.

While GIA does not offer financial aid, parents are offered a payment plan that allows tuition to be paid over a period of two to eight months. Also, the school offers a generous tuition refund policy for students who must withdraw from semesters or courses before they are completed. Learn more using the following links.

Time Limit for Course Completion

GIA students will have 12 months from the date of enrollment to complete both semesters of Grades 7-12 courses, or a full year of studies at the K-6 level. Students who do not complete their coursework by the deadline must re-enroll in the course(s), pay tuition and other required fees, and start the course over again.

Transferring a Course
No course will be transferred to another student.

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