High School Tuition & Fees

Enrollment in Griggs International Academy's regionally accredited high school courses includes tuition, textbooks and online study materials, exams, teacher assistance, grading services, recordkeeping, report cards and transcript services. Students seeking a GIA diploma would take six courses, or a total of twelve-semester courses, per school year. More information about diploma requirements and courses requirements are available here.

Tuition and enrollment fees are summarized in the following table. The cost of supplies, available through GIA Virtual Bookstore, varies by course, distance shipped, and delivery choice. Options for delivery of textbooks include new, used, rented or e-book.

While GIA does not offer financial aid, parents are offered a payment plan that allows tuition to be paid over a period of two to eight months.  

Time Limit for Course Completion
All students must be enrolled for at least six (6) weeks and complete their coursework within 12 months from the date of enrollment in order to move to the next grade level (K-8) or to receive credit (9-12). Students attending an APLE school or in the A-PASS program should refer to that program's guidelines. Students in high school credit recovery courses will have 12 weeks to complete the coursework.  Deadline extensions will be considered on an individual basis.  Please contact the registrar for more information.

Transferring a Course
No course will be transferred to another student.

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