Services to NAD Schools

Griggs International Academy (GIA) seeks ways to support and serve already existing Adventist schools. The GIA administrative team believes Adventist schools can work together and create a strong foundation to keep Adventist education a viable option for students nationwide. Our accreditation allows us to work with students globally, however, we have certain initiatives designed specifically for our North American Division (NAD) schools.

GIA’s APLE (Accredited Program for Learning Environments) programs for the high school and K-8 groups is the tool used to help enrich NAD Elementary, Jr. Academies, and Academies, with curriculum and teachers.

GIA has a multi-tiered Student Information System (SIS) that allows our partners, teachers, supervisors, and students to be directly involved in student progress. This portal enhances the way GIA communicates and manages the Adventist schools that partner with us.

All partnerships between Adventist Schools and GIA must be pre-approved by the local conference and union education departments.

To join our list of partners, contact: 

Lamar Nangle
NAD Services
Phone: 301-680-6585 / 471-269-6638

Formerly Home Study International

Griggs University

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