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Our regular Geometry course is still available with open enrollment for those wishing to enroll at any time.


We are so excited to offer this synchronous course (learning with classmates at the same pace set by the teacher!) Students will have deadlines and requirements of meeting daily on weekdays via Zoom with their teacher and fellow students to receive direct instruction. More information can be found below!

Registration Information

  • This synchronous course has limited seats
  • Daily teacher instruction, textbook and 24/7 tutoring included (YUP)
  • For those who prefer self-paced learning, the regular course is still available.

Dates to remember:

Semester 1 OR Semester 2 $500
Both Semesters  $750

Early bird-Enrollment completed by May 1
and tuition paid in full

Last Day to Withdraw June 11 (60% refund)*
Course Dates

June 5 to July 7 [Semester 1]
July 10 to August 4 [Semester 2]

Course Schedule 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., EST. **

* no refunds after June 11
** 1 - 2 hours on Zoom and 2 hours working outside of class

View technology requirements

Steps to Enroll

Step 1: New or Returning Student Application
If you are a new student to Griggs, complete the online new student application using the button below. If you are returning, please fill out the returning student application.

Once you have submitted the application, please allow 1 business day for processing. Your student ID # will be sent to the primary email address you provided. Once you receive this email, you may proceed to Step 2.



Step 2: Enrollment Form
This is where you will select the course and provide additional important information. Once you're done, email the enrollment form and supporting documents to

Supporting documents include:

  • birth certificate (if enrolling at GIA for the first time)
  • report card/transcript (if enrolling in semester 2 only)
  • IEP, 504, etc. (for any students where that may apply)

Enrollment Packet

Step 3: Make Payment
Please us our online payment service to make your payment after submitting your enrollment form.

Note: For Third-Party Billings/Subsidy, refer to our Payment Options page. Please use this Third-Party Billing/Subsidy Confirmation Form to send to your employer to request subsidy. Your employer should then email this form back to us to proceed with the enrollment. Please note that approval often takes times so plan accordingly to contact your employer as soon as possible. 

Make Payment

Step 4: Wait for Enrollment Approval
Once the enrollment packet, payment and supporting documents (ie. birth certificate, transcript, IEP, etc.) are submitted, allow 3-5 business days for your enrollment to be approved and processed. If something is missing, we'll email you to remind you of what we need before we complete the process.

Your enrollment is subject to approval as admission to Griggs is not guaranteed.


Questions? Contact: or call 269-471-6529

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