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Since I was 10, I have been all over the place, literally. I have been travelling to various countries, and that has caused me to change schools. When I was in Asia, the culture and environment change in school hit me hard. After I finished my school year there, I begged my parents to put me in homeschool. They took my offer in mind and enrolled me in Griggs. It was very beneficial to be homeschooled, after all, I could organize my schedule and if I moved to another country it wouldn’t affect my school year. Since then I have moved to a lot of places, in fact, last month I was doing missionary work in Guyana. Griggs has helped me to keep up with my school work in different countries, and it has also helped me to grow spiritually.

Gabriel R.





Griggs has given me the opportunity to learn at my own pace and in the comfort of my own home without a whole classroom of students to distract me from my learning. Even when I can't be at home, my classroom is wherever I have my computer.

Josh A.


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