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My family and I were looking for a Christian-based, online academic program that would give me a solid high school education and prepare me for college. We came across Griggs International Academy. We were greeted with polite, kind, and patient staff who were more than willing to walk us through what we wanted to know. The high quality of work content was outstanding! In all courses I have taken, just in my freshman year, the work brings out my hidden creativity, challenges me to achieve the very best, and instills strong Christian beliefs in every subject. I have learned so much life-applicable information from taking Griggs’s classes, which I immediately put to use. I was amazed as to how kind, personal, and committed the teachers were on a constant basis. I even heard them express how much their students meant to them. Their feedback on every graded assignment is honest, customized, and encouraging. The interaction with other students from around the world was such a valuable and memorable experience. Griggs International Academy, I believe, has raised the academic bar sky high. I am extremely impressed and satisfied with this online high school program.

Destini-Lauren B.


My name is Alessandra Maran, and I’m in the 7th grade at GIA. Griggs has given me an opportunity to learn anywhere in the world since kindergarten . . . I can learn at my own pace, I can take a day off if I need it. Schools all over the world have been canceled due to Covid-19. However, I can still study in the comfort and safeness of my home. If there is a hard lesson I do not understand I can ask a teacher and they are always more than happy to help. On Tuesdays, grades 6-8 meet for a Mentor Group with Mrs. Baldwin, and we have a good time talking about things that have happened during our week. We have prayer time, and we pray for any prayer requests that our classmates have. Griggs is great in teaching academic material, but most importantly, spiritual lessons.

Alessandra M.


Griggs International Academy has been a blessing to my education in so many ways. My family originally decided to use Griggs because my parents wanted my sister and I to have a Christian education, but we do not live near any Christian schools. As a result, we decided to use Griggs, and I am glad we did. There are so many things I like about it! I can do school wherever and whenever I want to. I can spend as much time or as little time on a subject as I need to. If a class (like science or math) has a lesson that is hard for me to understand, I can spend extra time on it until I understand it. In addition to this, I am not exposed to the bad influences that I would be if I attended a public school or even a private school. Griggs also gives me opportunities to get to know teachers and classmates from all over the country and even the world. Overall, I feel that Griggs has allowed me to learn so much, both academically and spiritually. I am glad that God has given me the gift of an online education through a such great school.

Elizabeth H.




Traveling from country to country can be very exhausting especially when it comes to the time difference, changes of schools, and keeping track of school work. On the other side, it has been very exciting and fun to visit different countries around the world and at the same time learn from them. Griggs has been a blessing for me in many ways. I have never felt so excited and happy as I am now when studying from my home. Homeschool has helped me keep on track of my studies without distractions, helps me do things at my own pace, it doesn’t matter where I am, I can ask as many questions as I can, and receiving a promptly response from my teachers. I am thankful to have such a great homeschool and I really appreciate the kind teachers I've had. Thank you for the opportunity of letting me be a part of this amazing school that really inspire me, transform my live academically, and serve with love. Thank you.

Frances R.



Griggs International Academy has helped me grow over the years in a Christ-centered way and in a manner that is unique to my personality. I have been able to meet students from around the world who are all very different, yet at the same time united and caring. This has taught me to be more open to different points of view, understand different cultures, and socialize and accept people that are very different from me. The independence I get from setting my own schedule gives me creativity to build up my character and spend time on my personal interest, while being led through structured and organized courses. Most importantly, this independence has helped me realize the importance of my most valuable resource: time. This is a resource I am still learning to master, and it is one I have learned to use not only for myself but to benefit others.

Gabriel R.





Griggs has given me the opportunity to learn at my own pace and in the comfort of my own home without a whole classroom of students to distract me from my learning. Even when I can't be at home, my classroom is wherever I have my computer.

Josh A.



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