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GIA’s APLE (Accredited Program for Learning Environments) program is a tool used to help enrich NAD Jr. Academies and Academies with curriculum and teachers.

APLE was developed cooperatively by the North American Division Office of Education (NADOE) and Griggs International Academy to meet the needs of our students unwilling or unable to go to a boarding academy hundreds of miles away. 

By enrolling with APLE, such schools are able to use a combination of GIA and local school resources to offer grades 9-12 to students who might otherwise enter the public school system. It is designed to fit into the traditional school year.

GIA has a multi-tiered Learning Management System (LMS) that allows our partners, teachers, supervisors and students to be directly involved in student progress. This portal enhances the way GIA communicates and manages the Adventist schools that partner with us.

On occasion, and with approval from both conference and union, schools may offer a complete high school program using APLE. Students of such schools receive Griggs Maryland state-approved diplomas. APLE may be viewed as an interim solution for a school wishing to permanently expand its program.

All partnerships between Adventist Schools and GIA must be pre-approved by the local conference and union education departments.

Download the APLE Packet

To join our list of partners, contact: 
Lamar Nangle
NAD Services
Email: apledirector@andrews.edu
Phone: 301-680-6585 / 471-269-6638

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