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As a K-12 school, we have created events for specific grades levels. Read carefully to make sure you sign up for the right event. For our students safety, most recurring event links are in the course or class homepage or will be emailed to the student's GRIGGS email account.

Providing a safe environment for our students is our main priority! Please read the following guidelines:

  • Links are NOT to be shared with anyone. These events are for Griggs students only. 
  • In order to be admitted to an event, students must have their FIRST and LAST name visible. If the name does not reflect a name on the class list, the student will not be admitted.
  • We expect our students to respect each other and practice online etiquette during these events. 



DOODLE with Ms. D (grades K-8) Art Workshop Click for Link
TANGLE with Ms. D (high school) Art Workshop Link is found on Class homepage.
Virtual Exercise Class (K-8) Click for Link 
High School Leadership Workshop with Principal Forsey Click for Link
K-8 Devotional Link is found on course homepages.
"Talk-O Tuesday" with Grades 6-8 Class Group Link is found on course homepages.
"Talk-O Tuesday" with Freshmen Class Group Link is found on Freshmen Class homepage.
"Talk-O Tuesday" with Sophomore Class Group Link is found on Sophomore Class homepage.
"Talk-O Tuesday" with Junior Class Group Link is found on Junior Class homepage.
Senior Class Group Link is found on Senior Class homepage.
K-8 & High School Live Chapel Link will be emailed to student.
Fantastic Friday! Grades K-5  Link is found on course homepages.
International Class Groups (K-5, 6-8, & High School) Link is found on International Group homepage.



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