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Welcome to Registration Central for new students!

We have open enrollment at Griggs which means your student can begin the enrollment process at GIA today! As you begin this enrollment process, be sure to read our Handbook/Catalog to help with providing answers to the questions you may have.

Don't forget about our helpful FAQ page, as well!

To view available courses for K-12 grade students, check out page 3-4 of the Enrollment Packet.

If you need help deciding what high school courses students should take, please refer to the High School Handbook (pg. 39) for more details about the diploma types and suggested plan of study.

If you are looking for credit recovery courses, please click here.

Use these videos to help you navigate the enrollment process!

The Enrollment Process: A Step-by-Step Guide

How to Complete the Enrollment Packet


Begin the Enrollment Process!


View the Enrollment Checklist to make sure you complete all the necessary steps and use the buttons/links below to start your enrollment process.



Step 1: New Student Application
Complete the online new student application using the button below. 

Once you have submitted the application, please allow 1 business day for processing. Your new student ID # will be sent to the primary email address you provided. Once you receive this email, you may proceed to Step 2.

New Student Application

Step 2: Enrollment Packet
This is where you will select the classes you are enrolling in as well as provide us with some important information. Be sure to refer to the Enrollment Checklist for information about what supporting documents you may need to include with your Enrollment Packet. Once you're done, email the Enrollment Packet and all the supporting documents to

If you home schooled the previous year and do not have an official report card/transcript, please email Wendy Baldwin at to receive further instructions on whether a portfolio review or placement test may be necessary to proceed with your enrollment.

Enrollment Packet


Step 3: Make a Payment
If paying with credit or debit/charge card, please us our online payment service.

Note: For Third-Party Billings/Subsidy, refer to the Enrollment Checklist or our Payment Options page. If an official request is needed, please use this form to send to your employer to request subsidy confirmation.

Make an Enrollment Payment

If you decide to send a check via the mail, be sure to make the check payable to Andrews University.


Step 4: Check Your Email
Once the enrollment packet, payment and supporting documents (ie. birth certificate, transcript, etc.) are submitted, allow 3-5 business days for your enrollment to be processed. If something is missing, we'll email you to remind you of what we need before we process your student's enrollment.


Step 5: Order Your Books
Once you have received enrollment confirmation, order your books using the link below (the course book list can be found here):

ORder your books


Step 6: Log into GriggsOnline
Using the information sent to your primary email 48 hours after your enrollment was processed, log into GriggsOnline to view your classes:

Griggs Online

To help make your transition to online learning easy, we've created a Step-By-Step Quick Start Guide for Junior High and High School students (an Elementary Guide is coming soon!)

Junior High Quick Start Guide

High School Quick Start Guide


Step 7: Attend Student Orientation
Schedule and attend orientation (K-8 or High School) within the first month of being enrolled. View the schedule and sign up here.


Questions? Contact: or call 269-471-6529

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