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Credit Recovery is helpful for students who have failed a course and need to get back on their educational track. Credit Recovery is a great solution because it allows students to keep their class schedule. It also saves time because students don't have to wait for the following school year to retake the course. 

Format & Course Length:

Courses are online and must be completed within a 12-week period.

Courses offered:

  • 927.0 Consumer Math
  • 928.0 English I
  • 929.0 Biology
  • 932.0 American Government
  • 933.0 Earth Science
  • 953.0 Algebra I

Cost and Payment (non-refundable):

  • $250 for full credit
  • $200 for semester only
  • $30 technology fee
  • $40 math resources fee (math courses only)
  • Payment in full can be made by check, money order or credit card (Visa/Master Card/Discover)


Steps to Enroll in a Credit Recovery Course:

  1. Submit an application (New Student Application or Returning Student Application)
  2. Download/print the Credit Recovery Enrollment Forms
  3. Fill out enrollment forms
  4. Get required signatures on the form from your school registrar
  5. Send your Credit Recovery Enrollment Forms to
  6. Make a payment online
  7. Order book(s) from online bookstore or another third-party bookstore (find your books here)
  8. Receive email with password and log in information 48 hours after you receive your enrollment confirmation email
  10. Begin doing the coursework
  11. Complete the course within 12 weeks
  12. Move on toward your educational goals


Additional Information

New Student Application:

If you have never attended Griggs, please be sure to fill out the New Student Application to receive your Griggs Student ID number. Returning students only need to fill out the Returning Student Application if their contact information has changed.

New Student Application


Credit Recovery Enrollment Forms:

Signatures must be obtained before the enrollment can be processed. These signatures verify the student's failure of selected courses.

Credit Recovery Enrollment ForMS


Making Your Payment:

Payments can be made online after the enrollment form has been submitted.

Note: For Third-Party Billings/Subsidy, refer to our Payment Options page. Please use this Third-Party Billing/Subsidy Confirmation Form to send to your employer to request subsidy. Your employer should then email this form back to us to proceed with the enrollment. Please note that approval often takes times so plan accordingly to contact your employer as soon as possible. 

Online Payment



Textbooks can be purchased through our online bookstore or through other sources such as Amazon. If purchased through a different source, be sure to match the ISBN. To view your textbooks, click here.


Record Keeping:

Credit Recovery courses are assigned a percentage grade. As schools have different policies regarding the recording of recovery course grades, please refer to your school's policy. 


Deadline Extension:

Students should complete the recovery course within the allotted time. However, extensions requested BEFORE the deadline will be granted a 1-week extension. Deadline extensions made AFTER the deadline will only be accepted if requested by a school official and upon receipt of the $50 deadline extension fee.

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