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1. About You

A GIA diploma is with reach – what a great achievement! Please complete this short exit form as one of the graduation requirements. All items are optional, but answering each one honestly really helps us understand your experience better. Your answers will not affect your grades or graduation status; responses are completely anonymous. You must email a copy of the confirmation screen to complete graduation requirements.

2. About Your Future Plans

3. Connecting With You

Congratulations! You’re about to become a GIA alumnus! Contact information will be saved for GIA alumni communication only.

Please Read

Thank you for the information shared! We appreciate that you chose GIA for your education. We look forward to hearing about your future endeavors. When you have completed all items, click the SUBMIT button. IMPORTANT: Wait to see the confirmation screen after clicking submit. Copy the message on the confirmation screen into an email to to have this graduation requirement checked off by Mr. Lamar Nangle. You will not be able to return to this screen, so be sure you have pasted a screenshot or copy of the text into an email before closing your browser.


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