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Live Q & A with Principal Forsey

Learn what it is like to be a Griggs student and get your questions answered by GIA principal, La Ronda Forsey. These events recurs every Thursday afternoon at 4:00 p.m., EST. Make sure to ask how high school students can save this summer!




Get Ready, Get Set, Go! Save this Summer

Interested in taking a full or half credit course during the summer? Enroll in May or June to have the enrollment fee WAIVED. In order to qualify, you must attend a Principal Q & A event (see above).



Stanford Achievement Test Guidelines


Complete PROCTOR INFORMATION & REQUEST form at time of enrollment. If you are not able to safely meet with an approved proctor, Griggs will be able to supervise your exams. Write GIA PROCTOR on the form and a GIA proctor will be approved for you. You will receive an email to schedule an appointment when your exam is released. 


Transcript Request:

You can request your transcript by clicking on this "Transcript Request" link. For future reference, this link is under the ACADEMIC and STUDENT SERVICES tabs. 

Sibling Discount:

Starting July 1st, GIA is offering siblings a discount for their enrollment!


Q. What is the sibling discount? 
A. If you have two children enrolling at the same time, one of their enrollment fees is waived (of equal or lesser value). 

Q. What if I am enrolling three or more children? 
A. Parents will only have to pay one enrollment fee. 

Q. If I enroll my child and their cousin at the same time, will they receive the sibling discount? 
A. No. This discount is only offered to siblings, not extended family members. 

Students can enroll at any time with Griggs International Academy! 

For questions, contact Gabriela Melgar at, or phone 269-471-6497.

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