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Greetings K-8 Parents!

I pray each of you is doing well and that your child is progressing well in their studies!  If you enrolled fall of 2021, you are approaching the end of semester 2.  Now is a great time to review progress and see if you need to make any adjustments to finish according to your goals.  Grades 6-8 parents receive weekly emails with a progress report, and this is a great resource to help you stay on top of completion dates!

We have a few new resources on Griggs Online that I want you to be aware of!

Grades 1-5 Yearly Submission Sheets are available on each course home page! Look at my teacher widget, and you will see each grade level link.  This document is a huge help when submitting to the dropbox as it tells you exactly what to submit.  The graders get incomplete submissions quite often, and this clogs up our grading queue.  Please help us to be more efficient by using  the yearly submission sheet resource!

Grades 6-8 have new Pacing Charts available on their course home pages!  This is also a great resource to aid the parent and student in finishing courses on time!  You can find the Pacing Chart by clicking on the Content button and then Course Introduction.  Look to the right for various links relevant to that course, and scroll down to the last link to find the Pacing Chart!


Please contact Mrs. Baldwin if you have any questions!

Kindergarten Graduation is coming up on June 1, 2022! Please email the needed items to Mrs. Baldwin by May 16. An email was sent with details and information on how to sign up and participate! 

by Wendy Baldwin, K-8 Director

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