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Program Overview

The Griggs education utilizes multi-sensory learning. Instruction is delivered for grades K-5 via an Instructional Guide written for parents, or online modules for grades 6-8.  There are no live zoom classes. Griggs students are invited to get together for weekly class meetings and Fantastic Friday via Zoom

Assessment of student learning is made using a variety of methods. These methods may include: 

  • creating podcasts
  • producing a variety of art work
  • crafting presentations
  • producing music pieces
  • writing books
  • building things

Griggs curriculum is in English. Students will need to have a solid knowledge of spoken and written English to be successful in the program. 


Grades K-5

The parent is considered the teacher and will be responsible to oversee coursework pacing, grading and completion.  An instructional guide is provided to walk you through each week! Some specific assignments and tests are required to submit to Griggs for grading.  All submission must be done through the online dropbox in the course homepage. We do not accept assignments via mail or email.  Mrs. Wendy Baldwin, the K-8 Director, is your coach and teammate!  She will help with any questions you have!  


Junior High (Grades 6-8)

Parents are considered the facilitator for grades 6-8.  Students will have teachers for each course that are available to help with questions, grade submitted assignments/tests, and provide feedback!  Instruction is given through the course homepage Content button in weekly modules. While there may be videos in the course, they are not lectures/class recordings but are there to help students understand a tough topic. Not all assignments are turned in to Griggs for grading, only specific assignments are asked to be submitted. All required assignments must be submitted through the online dropbox (no mailing/emailing assignments.) Mrs. Baldwin is always there to assist with any questions!


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