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Introducing YUP

Yup is an on-demand live math tutoring service with a certified math professional who will provide unlimited assistance, available around the clock. 


How to Access YUP as a GIA Student

To get started, open your Griggs Online email and search for “YUP” in the inbox. You may notice several emails but be sure to look for the first one sent to you as it includes your log in verification code. The email should say “Welcome to YUP Math Tutoring!”


In the email, click the link,, or download the app on your phone’s App Store. 



Once there, you’ll use your Griggs Online email address to log in. Click “Send Code” and then enter the code you were already given in the original email (this code will always be the same.)

You can now start getting the math tutoring you need, RIGHT AWAY!

If you don't see the Welcome to YUP Math Tutoring message in your Griggs Online inbox, email for assistance.


Learn More about Yup. 



Students, grades 6-12, enrolled in a math class will be charged a Math Resource fee.


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