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Have you ever wondered what God is like, or if He even exists? Many people, even ones who are raised Christian ask these big questions at some point in their lives. As you take this course you will explore these big questions that are foundational to encountering God and building a relationship with Him. You will also meet God in the flesh through His Son Jesus, who God sent to save humanity. You will cover the first months of Jesus’ life as well as His last week. It may not sound like a lot of time, but these short weeks make up most of what the Bible tells us about Jesus in the Gospels. Last you will be looking at some of God’s greatest gifts to you. You will study the most precious gift anyone has ever received—the gift of grace! Grace allows us to fully experience another one of God’s gifts—the gift of identity. Finally you will look at God’s first gifts to us, creation and the Sabbath. If you have ever felt like Sabbath is a burden rather than a gift for us to enjoy this course will change the way you see the Sabbath and Jesus who is the Lord of the Sabbath.

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