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Griggs International Academy offers a Christian, values-based curriculum with multiple accreditations (view the list of accreditations here). Students who successfully complete Griggs International Academy's high school graduation requirements will earn a diploma in one of two tracks. 

Standard diploma program:
Total credits: 21 

College preparatory diploma program:
Total credits: 25 

Each two-semester class = 1 unit

Students may enroll each school year for an entire grade or for individual subjects. Both the college prep and standard diploma programs offer the following benefits and services:

  • Multiple-accredited curriculum
  • Teaching and grading services performed by qualified teachers
  • Assistance in student advising and record keeping
  • Transcripts created and archived
  • Verification of enrollment upon request

Individual subjects are also available as make-up courses or to supplement a student's high school education. Upon applying, parents will be asked to verify that their student's school will accept Griggs' regionally accredited courses as transfer credit.

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