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Enrolling at Griggs

Griggs International Academy offers a Christian, values-based curriculum with multiple accreditations (view the list of accreditations here). Students can fully enroll in Griggs (taking all courses from Griggs) or just choose to enroll in a course while completing their schooling at another high school. Students enrolled at another school are welcome to take a course or two from Griggs to supplement their high school education. Parents are responsible in verifying that their student's school will accept Griggs' regionally accredited courses as transfer credit.

Students who successfully complete Griggs International Academy's high school graduation requirements will earn a diploma in one of two tracks. 

Standard diploma program:
Total credits: 21 

College preparatory diploma program:
Total credits: 25 

Each two-semester class = 1 credit unit

The specific requirements for the college prep and standard diploma can be found in the High School section of our Griggs Handbook


Courses & Curriculum 

Griggs offers open enrollment (enroll any time of the year), and all courses are self-paced allowing students to complete them at their own schedule. Students will have 12 months to complete their courses however we recommend students complete the school year in 7-8 months (similar to a traditional school year.) 

Griggs curriculum is in English. Students will need to have a solid knowledge of spoken and written English to be successful in the program. 

Benefits of of your student enrolling with Griggs:

  • Multiple-accredited curriculum
  • Courses that are supervised and graded by qualified teachers
  • Assistance in student advising and record keeping
  • Transcripts created and archived
  • Verification of enrollment upon request

Teachers for each course are available to help with questions and provide grading/feedback on course work. Contact information for the teachers is provided in the course on Griggs Online (our online learning platform) once the student enrolls.


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